A structured method to accelerate company growth
Who is a Tracker?
You need a Tracker to get traction.

A Tracker is an experienced advisor with strong consulting skills and an entrepreneurial background.

He meets founders, top management or the entire team, weekly for face-to-face, or online meetings.

The Tracker will help your team identify bottlenecks that limit company growth and find ways to eliminate them. He will focus the team on the most important tasks and problems, preventing you from diverting to less important but easier or more interesting subjects.
For Big and Small Companies
Early Stage Startups
  • Achieve product-market fit
  • Start and accelerate sales
  • Get ready for the next round of investments
Fast Growing Company
  • Sustain rapid growth
  • Increase market share
  • Scale up to a big business
Corporation Looking For New Growth
  • Create new and reinvent existing products
  • Launch an internal corporate accelerator
  • Perform a successful digital transformation
How it Works
Each session starts with a review of the last week with feedback on the team results. This weekly feedback dramatically improves team execution capabilities. This guy won't let you ignore that you did not achieve what you planned to do. Or didn't even start.
Then you will, with help from the tracker, identify what's the main problem that limits your company growth. An outsider's view, and a set of tools and cases, allow the tracker to point out problems and solutions which you may not see.
Weekly planning
The session ends with you outlining a detailed plan for the next week, with clear goals and measurable results. A week later you will check your progress against this plan.
Who We Are
We are from Russia. Russians are smart.

The leading US accelerators throw a ton of money at a lot of startups and see who survives. We in Russia, don't have that much money or that many startups. That means we have to be smarter and work more closely with founders.

Collaborating with the largest Russian accelerators, startup communities and corporate acceleration programs, we work with hundreds of startups and companies every year

We've been at it for 10 years. During that time we've developed a methodology that allows our customers to grow their business, focus on the most important tasks and achieve their most ambitious dreams.
Eugene Kalinin
Chief Magic Officer